funny people, eg. spaans and andi, refer to a gemsuck as an action in which i suck gemma's face off. in fact, gemma's face was never sucked and never will be. the disgusting racist water bomb chucker at pakistanis, (andi rogers), and sick baby aids boy, (james spaans), will go down in history as the worlds biggest paedophiles by actually sucking the nipples off gemma themselves. vile.
what a disgusting couple of gemsuckers those babies are.
by yarn texrab May 27, 2004
Top Definition
The difference here fool, is that there is no need to bring family members into it, its like taking the piss out of my family and its not on. Fair play, what i wrote about fazz was harsh but he insulted me first for no reason, and, i tried to delete it because i realised it was too harsh. I enjoy a beer, so therefore i think I'm lush and copy my dad, i mean, what the hell is that about. Whoever wrote it clearly doesn't know me or my family at all, and I seriously doubt it was one of my friends who wrote it either, just someone who I speak to I would of thought. I apologise for my definition of fazz, but this is just taking it way too far.
It could of only been one of two people, and the other person had no reason to get involved anyway in a bit of fun that has now turned nasty. No more definitions please.
by yarn texrab June 04, 2004
whoever put that last definition of gemsuck is clearly retarded. little bit harsh and over the top at the same time.
taken it a little too far now fellas.
by yarn texrab June 02, 2004
ryan baxter is a fan of this as he was seen (21/05/04) sucking gemmas face off and thats not all he did.
ryan why must u gemsuck at the dining room table
by inda gorees May 26, 2004
so wat u wrote about fazz wasn't harsh and over the top???!!!
if u dish it out u gotta take it back
by ggggggggg June 03, 2004
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