The increasing trend of people wearing thick glasses, whether they assist with vision or not. This includes RealD glasses with no lenses as a fashion accessory.
"Hey, did you see Von Miller on the sideline during that last Bronco game?"
"Yeah I did, he was straight geekin'."

"Man, what's up with all the rappers geekin' nowadays? B.o.B, T.I., Childish Gambino. I mean I like the look, I just think they were all inspired by E-40."
by Saint Even December 06, 2011
gettin hyphy when your blasted(high) or perved off that 211...bay area term
"i was stupid geekin last night"
by justine from the bay March 03, 2005
flipping out when its not necessary
he geeked out on me last nite for bein late
by dale August 11, 2003
verb. To be freaking out; flippin' shit; barfing everywhere.
Present> Dude ! You are so geekin' right now.

Past> He took of his pants, and then all of a sudden everyone was geekin'.

Future> In about ten seconds, I will be geekin', this is just a forewarning.
by kreww May 26, 2006
Actin goofy ass hell Like a geek
Wen someone is acting prepy
Or when someone is acting smart when you know their not
When your acting goofy or not yourself
Sentence (Im just Geekin) Or (OOw he geekin)
by Missy August 04, 2003
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