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to be so completely fucked up on cocaine that you can barely think or talk. Usually is followed by random cleaning of your house or other mindless tasks. Sometimes can result in long winded conversations about nothing.
"Dude I must have went through 2 balls last night, I was geeked as fuck, I started organizing my cds by the last name of the lead singer of the band"


"Oh shit, I was geeked as fuck last night, I talked to John about the earth's gravitational pull for hours"
#cocaine #coke #geeked #geeked out #lost
by The Infamous One August 22, 2007
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When you are totally and completly FUCKED OFF WEED!!
Man i got geeked as fuck last night
#high #fucked #jacked up #on cloud 9 #geeked
by halomasta_101 June 07, 2006
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