One of four titles used to classify someone based on their technical and social skills. The other three titles are nerd, dork, and normie. The difference between the four titles can be easily shown in table form:

................ Technical ...... Social
Title ............ Skills ......... Skills
---------- ---------------- ------------
Normie ......... No ............. Yes
Geek ........... Yes ............. Yes
Nerd ............ Yes ............. No
Dork ............ No .............. No

Normie: A normal person. Blah.

Geek: An outwardly normal person who has taken the time to learn technical skills. Geeks have as normal a social life as anyone, and usually the only way to tell if someone is a geek is if they inform you of their skills.

Nerd: A socially awkward person who has learned technical skills due to the spare time they enjoy from being generally neglected. Their technical knowledge then leads normies to neglect them even further, leading to more development of their technical skills, more neglection, etc. This vicious cycle drives them even more into social oblivion.

Dork: A person who, although also socially awkward, doesn't have the intelligence to fill the void with technical pursuits, like a nerd, and is forced to do mindless activities. Almost always alone. Usually with an XBox. Like playing Halo. All day. Every day. Not even understanding how the Xbox is making the pretty pictures on the screen. Very sad.
If you met me at a party, you would have no idea that I enjoy finite element analysis-based inviscid flow modelling using computational fluid dynamics. That's because I'm a geek.
by SnipeYou August 26, 2006
A person who is considered strange weird or is passionate about one thing or another. Not to be mixed with Nerd. Although they are normally smart they are not freaky smart and look like normal people. It is even possible to be a "Geek" without even knowing it.
Being able to name programs by their actual name is considered "geeky". Liking Anime is considered "geeky"

Geeks are cool though they have a life and often people don't realize that they are in fact talking to a geek. Liking anything to do with outer space tends to let one fall into this category such as Red Dwarf, Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy,Star Trek is the biggest one that "geeks" are linked with.
Even reading a large amount of books makes you a geek.
Geeks also tend to be good looking and the one who everyone wants as their friend as they quite often know the answer to a problem (even if it's just basic) or they know how to find it. "Geek" girls are normally seen in a better light than male "geek" are though there is no real reason for this.
I am a Geek because I know the Red Dwarf episodes by their actual name and I am "weird".
by Dolphin-Dreamer August 24, 2008
people get it confused with nerd. a geek is obsessive about something, ranging from comic books to the internet. geeks can sometimes be cool, nerds less so
person 1: ha! teachers pet! what a geek
person 2: actually hes a nerd
person 1: geek!
person 2: nerd!
*persons 1&2 get into fight. geek escapes unhurt*
by leeko22arsenal October 11, 2007
Slang term for zombies in the TV adaptation of "The Walking Dead".
"Ever since you fired those shots, the streets are filled with geeks." - Glenn
by Glastoki November 09, 2010
Basically, anyone who's into ANYTHING besides testosterone fueled recreational or professional activities, IE, sports, hiphop music, drinking or street racing. If it's an intellectual interest, one that requires more than a 3rd grade education to understand, you can bet that it has geek followers.
Yo man, who's dat geek ovah dere, he don't dress like a hiphoppa, drive a hoop, play hoops or drink as much beer as us, must be a geek.
by Tommyt March 05, 2009
A Geek is some one of a high intelligent who is interested in technology and electronics, not to be confused with a nerd who is simply interested in this of intellect like mathematics, science, or Dungeons and Dragons.
The Geek squad at Best Buy works only with computers.

"Look at that geek on his computer."
by Lemon Ninja June 06, 2007
source of scoring premium HD porn

porn reformation: going cold turkey, chastity
I need some porn. geek will hook me up

so much porn so inured. geek will extricate me
by brazenlee February 01, 2012
People who loves superheroes, movies, tv shows, comics and zombies. They bond and have laughs over it. Usually they don't sleep and just watch movies all night.
geeks usually have weird names, like Destiny and Chi
by wumzey September 30, 2011

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