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Another name for the General Discussion forum on Usually used by regular GDers (people who regularly visit and post in this forum)
"The geedee is such a cool place!"

"n00bs have invaded the geedee!"
by limeflavoredorange September 09, 2007
Another name invented by fags that post in the "General Discussion" or GD for short.

GD is a /b/ wannabe that's full of fags, pedophiles, scene kids, emo kids, attention whores, and prommies

Prommies are the biggest idiots in the GD.
The mini-idiots of the GD worship them, and would suck their cock if a prommie told them to.
Dude, what are you doing? Are you posting in the GeeDee? You suck at life.
by Yuura February 06, 2008
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