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Kinda like dork/nerd/geek, just a general inslut. It can also be used to express stupidity. The G is pronounced like the G in gay, not like george and most other g words.
Stop being such a geebin!
by Trampus (word made by raven) June 24, 2003
A smallish creature originating from East Asia. Certain species have spread to the Virginia/SE Pennsylvania region. Geebins have venomous laughter and uncanny flexibility.
I could hear the geebin as its voice boomed from ten stories below.
by Buf ATrain September 03, 2003
Yeah, geebin is a dork
"Geebin is a dork."
by boy September 03, 2003
G = grand E= Epic E= Electricity = Bi-sexual I= interaction = now

I own.
Let's have a Geebin!
by Sarah December 17, 2003