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A Transmission for a vehicle.
Do you use Royal Purple in your gear box too?
by chrisstauffer March 16, 2008
queer, faggot, fruit or another type of male knob-gobbler
Look at those two knob gobblers holding hands walking around citadel hill
by Noukiemonster July 09, 2003
A good name for one of your friends that is doing something gay.
Stop dancing around like that you gear box.
by mitch101 March 08, 2008
A person with convoluted sexual proclivities.
He'd hump an animal of either sex and enjoyed humiliation of all sorts, a regular gearbox.
by Diploma mill Doctor August 01, 2011
some one who is shifty
damn that fool is a gear box
by msutherland February 07, 2010
Game developers currently making Brothers in Arms and made Halo PC.
Liek whoamg! Gearbox are leet!
by WereDogfish December 13, 2004
A slang term for a woman's vagina used in the UK.
I was looking at some bird today, she bent over and I could see right up her gearbox.
by Stevie G89 September 16, 2008