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Citadel means a fortress built to protect the people from possible threat of attack by outsiders or the opponents.
The Greeks built citadels to protect the town from rebellions.
by Dr. Intaj Malek July 06, 2006
(aka Shitadel, the beauty school, the beach resort) 1.A small beach resort school in south carolina where all the students who got denied from The Virginia Military Institute attend.

2. The easiest military school in the country.

3. Only military school to not have someone inportant have come from there other than a beauty queen(ex. West Point had Eisenhower, Patton,and Bradley; Naval Academy had Jimmy Carter; VMI had Marshall)

4. School that Miss USA 1994 (Lu Parker) attended.
-Do you know what is the biggest embarassment to the United States's list of military schools
-No what?
-The citadel
-Oh you mean the beach resort or the school
-Don't worry they are the same place
by bulldog10 September 11, 2006
the only military college with a REAL freshmen year. the only military college that still braces, way better than VMI, the academies, or any other pussy military school.

Citadel cadets experience an entire 9 months of freshmen year, while VMI only does 1 semester.
by littlegauldy March 31, 2009
The half military college that you go to if you couldn't get into VMI.

"Give me an army of Citadel boys and I'll win a battle. Give me a handful of VMI men and I'll win the war." -George C. Marshall
"No Grandpa, I didn't get into VMI, but I'm going to the Citadel instead!"
by VMIkeydet March 17, 2009
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