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Slang term for steroids
"Man, he's gotten totally buffed! Do you think he's using gear?"
by MadDog182 October 02, 2003
102 61
Slang name for heroin, uses commonly in Ireland
You lookin gear??
Is there any gear around??
by Paddy_man August 15, 2010
29 16
A slang term used for the drug methamphetamine in Australia.
'Hey man are you staying out all night tonight?'

'Not unless you can hook me up with some gear?'
by slobbyoyster February 18, 2013
17 6
alternative name for narcotics
canabis products such as pot. "byes you got the gear?"
by krystle_lee August 22, 2006
88 85
a term for the drug speed or cocaine.
Dave: I wanna get off my head tonight man.
Axel: I can hook you up with some gear if ya want?
by arealwhiteboy000 October 31, 2010
21 20
A conformist, a tool of the system. Cares only for their own social lives and pleasures, listens to popular music, and plans/attends many social gatherings. Extremely mainstream, dull, shallow, and predictable.
Anyone at that Ke$ha concert must be a gear.
by Captain Muffins June 12, 2011
3 3
A well offensive word that fergus uses to liken something with smelly decapitated indian babies.
Those clothes are well gear
by something... March 09, 2012
0 2