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Often used in chat rooms. Means good
(Person 1) Hi howz u?
(Person 2) fine fnx
(Person 1) Gdgd
by Peter Helm April 08, 2005
it means good-good formly used in the north of humberside in hull and Beverley it can alsoo mean get-dumped as well
msn conversation:
tim says:
how are you kaliegh?
kaliegh says:
gdgd u
and so on
by jamesk2k7 July 10, 2008
God damn got drunk!
GDGD last night!
by jackhammer406 June 24, 2010
Get Dem Girls Drunk
Person #1: look at those girls by the bar they are so fine
Person#2 (Zito): GDGD
by afh120391 October 08, 2010

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