a Gram Dank Blunt or a Gram Dro Blunt
man i wanna get high as hell today, ya dig?
chyea mayne, i roll a GDB. =)
by buddagirl420 December 30, 2007
Top Definition
God Damn Bitch - someone who's a bitch and liar and needs to be gotten rid off.
Saying goodbye to Britta
was the hardest thing to do
but when someone's a bitch and a liar
there ain't nothing left to woo
I'm getting rid of Britta
what am I doing
I'm getting rid of the B
she's a no-good B
I'm getting rid of Britta
I'm getting rid of the B
by myreelname December 23, 2009
God Damn Bullshit
What, you didn't save me a beer. That's some GDB.
by icthenet October 29, 2015
Acronym for "Giant Douche Bag". Someone whose doucebaggery has reached EPIC proportions. A bad friend.
Hey Chrissy...thanks for my coffee. Oh're a GDB.
by YMCMD September 05, 2013
A car that people like because it is the most seen car on the road. People think they are cooler than GC8 because they have a turbo. They are driven by people who have a low i.q.
Tom: So how is your GDB.
Paul: Awesome. I have an awesomzor turbo!!

1 week later

Tom: So whats up?
Paul: I ran into a tree.
Tom: What happened?
Paul: While I was spoolin, I lost control.
Tom: Idiot
by moosedude2.5 January 23, 2009
A GDB is the phrase used when reffering to a God Damn Boss.
My typology is a GDB
by IMABOSz June 10, 2009
internet acronym slang; stands for Go die beeetch!
Can use if u are cool!
Tony: whats up girl! Lets go fuck on-line!
Helen: Wtf! GDB!!!
by CinderellaIam January 28, 2010
God damned business. Originated in the Bay Area, California.
"It's none of my GDB but I couldn't help but overhear that you were talking about Immortal Technique's new album."
by deluxeplux July 10, 2008
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