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the real name of dave. truely captures the "dave" essence. which is, of course, total homosexuality!
dave + gay = gayve!

gayve last name is fagbrough!
by katieatkisson November 14, 2005
39 13
The hand wave that flamboyant gay people do, which usually consists of folding the hand forward and saying "oh stop it."
Look at Carson, he just gayved when he was talking about that dress he likes.
by Cyril Cecilson November 14, 2012
6 0
A word that Emily uses when she runs out of insults.
Dave: Emily, you are a douche bag!

Emily: Dave...you are...uh....uh...(speech turns into a series of slobberings and stutterings)..you are Gayve!
by Poop January 15, 2003
11 12
Dave "Hamster" Assadourian known as GAYVE!
Gayve Ass
by Ill rhyma aka bigthugnigga99 November 29, 2003
7 12