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A person who is both homosexual (or possibly bisexual or transsexual) and an atheist.

This is a mark of pride, not an insult, though it's best used when referring to oneself.

Contrary to some people's beliefs, neither gays nor atheists have an agenda to rule the world; most gaytheists are understanding and intelligent.
I'm a proud gaytheist, but I've gotten a lot of hate from homophobes and religious extremists.
by gaytheist July 28, 2007
"Gay" and "atheist" mixed into one word to describe a homosexual who is not a believer in the supernatural or of religious belief.
James Randi is a gaytheist.
by Black Kat June 24, 2011
A person who is gay and atheist. They will at least appear intelligent with their long-winded ideas/statements/responses related to anything biblical.
I knew the kid in my religion class was a gaytheist when he challenged everything the professor said while wearing Capris and flip-flops.
by cooKIe KId February 23, 2013
A person who subscribes to the belief that all gay people are actually faking their homosexuality to get attention and that actual homosexuality doesn't exist.
Person 1: "Hey man, why don't you ask out that chick?"
Person 2: "Because I'm gay."
Person 1: "I'm a gaytheist. I don't believe homosexuality exists."
Person 2: "You're wrong. I'm gay."
Person 1: Are you?
by Memorandis April 13, 2011
Being gay and also being atheist at the same time
i just saw my gaytheist brother kissing his boyfriend! eww!
by Kratos4511 November 19, 2008
One who does not believe homosexuality is genetic but rather a lifestyle choice.
Lady Gaga says we're all "born this way," much to the distress of the gaytheists.

It's not so much that Randy is a homophobe but I think he is rather gaytheist.
by Chris Callous May 26, 2011
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