A noun, it is the act of being a hater of the gay population
Dude, you're being a total gay-ter right now, and it's not cool!
by JD yo! April 28, 2011
Top Definition
Alternate spelling of gaiter - a gay waiter. They're pretty common, might as well give them a name.
"Hellooo, I'm Sebastian and I'll be your gayter this evening."
by Vinny J. March 14, 2010
a gay hater, usuaully hates straight people for no reason, or tries to cockblock for his fag hag
i was about to get with this chick until this gayter interfered and i got blue balled
by alan magic mountain June 25, 2009
a gay man who hates on all other gay men just because he can.
"ooohhh he looks horrible in those jeans! he needs to give them to me." "omg you're such a gayter!!!"
by skyladoll February 04, 2012
It is when a man or woman is obviously gay but doesnt know it until later..(gay-later)...usually after marrying and having children.
I told Steph, "my friend Jeff is a gay-ter, he's married with kids but he loves to play dance dance revo., write poetry, and always checking out my husband!"
by lynlyn70 August 09, 2008
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