A person of Asian descent who has a sexual attraction to the same sex.
A Gaysian is a Gay Asian.
by Onetwenty7 May 06, 2010
noun. A gay asian.
"Look at that gaysian checking himself out in the mirror!"
by Johnny 2 fingers December 10, 2009
An Asian male who is somewhere between slightly muscled and totally ripped (not a bodybuilder), edgy, trendy, implicitly cool and fun to be around with a killer attitude, who just happens to get down with boys. Girls still think he is sexy and usually he's nice enough to do it with them too. Prone to being a top with a smooth white twink or buff white boy as his bottom, but will frequently take it for another equally sexy gaysian.
I was at the gym, and saw this asian boy. Muscled, sweaty, endlessly tan, dark hair and eyes and a cute bulge...what's not to love? Gaysians are hot.
by ucfryan2006 October 09, 2007
A homosexual person of Asian descent. Can also be spelled as "gayzn".
"That Asian guy was totally hot!"
"He was a Gaysian, he was holding that other guy's hand. And he had foundation on his face. GAYSIAN."
by FamBam November 28, 2009
gay asian, an asian who is also gay. aka rainbow's revenge.
bow, you are my holiday gaysian.
by disco bloodbath April 11, 2009
A subset of porn featuring solely gay asian males. Common among non-asian viewers as a fetish.
George Takei could make all of the gossip blogs if only he did something gaysian.
by Creative@College June 04, 2010
The state of being Asian and Gay simultaneously.
That emo kid is a gaysian.


People who like Memiors of a Geisha are totally gaysian.
by Fast-Hands La Belle May 28, 2010

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