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A homosexual asian male. Often the subject of lust from gay non-asian males, particularly fat skeevy old men who find pretty, slender, non-hirsute males to be enchanting, which is reasonable, what is less reasonable is that they actually expect to get into the pants of such males.

First/second generation Gaysians are often closeted due to tight knit (and often conservative) families.

Due to Asian males tending towards the non-hirsute and pretty, and their slighter (on average) physical stature it can also be difficult for such men to avoid being pigeon holed as twinks and/or bottoms. It can also be difficult for gay asian males to retain a sense of comfortable masculinity due to appearing more androgynous than other races as well as being gay.
1. Jake: Do you see that pretty lil' gaysian over there?
Dean: The one with the long hair? Yeah, he's hot.
Jake: Poor guy, see all those fat old guys trying to dance with him?
Dean: Ugh, yeah, let's go save him.

2. Jake: I just got a new Dir En Grey CD!
Dean: Mmm, Shinya can be my pet gaysian any day!
Jake: Not if I get him first.
by MissXanthe March 27, 2008
The act of bishification... in other words to make someone/something into a bishi (or beautiful boy) usually used to refer to fanartists making ugly/manly characters look like dreamy anime boys with roses randomly floating in the background, and bishi sparkles... and well you get my point. Bishification often includes the addition of long flowing hair, sparking eyes, tight fitting clothes, and delicate bone structure, the removal of facial hair, body fat, and masculine physical characteristics
1. "XXXXdethklokluvXXXX totally bishified murder face, I mean look at that long shiny hair going everywhere, the lack of mustache, and his insanely tight pants."

2. "I shall bishify inspector gadget he shall have long flowing hair, bishi sparkles, big shiny eyes, and a delicate bone structure!"

3. "Wow... bishification is rampent in this fandom... they even draw the old guys with long flowing hair..."
by MissXanthe May 01, 2008
New York city deathrocker, and vocalist and bass player for the band Glass Doll. He frequently appears on stage in women's clothing, and has a rather fey attitude. His age is unknown to most, but he appears to be appr. 19.

His race and gender are usually indeterminate, but the author knows for a fact he's male, and Asian, Jewish, and Peurto-Rican (along with some other various things)

Currently he's dating New York glam punk makeup artist Madeira Darling. Together they form Catastrophe/Darling, the snazzily dressed new york goth scene's answer to Paris and Nicole... except you know... dating.
"Yo, I saw Lillie Catastrophe over at Trash bar last night... the bartender was totally hitting on him."
by MissXanthe October 11, 2007
Noun, botox when used on a straight male, usually something he doesn't want you to know about.

Some men use to prevent or erase wrinkles, while others use it to improve their impassive poker face.
"Aaron got brotox and now he can't move his eyebrows"
by MissXanthe July 11, 2009

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