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Similar to the natural phenomenon of a geyser. When a gay couple gets out the anal beads for a night of man on man pleasure. First pop in just a couple beads (recommended 7-8 for optimal results) and then securly close the hole with a butt plug. Then all in one swift motion pull it all out and he will spew like a gayser!
That gayser Roman gave me last night must have reached atleast 10 feet high, however, I should not have eaten taco bell that night because the liquid stuff is harder to get out of sheets.
by Vanilla Blast February 12, 2007
when a gay guy stares at you and or checks you out. after you both make eye contact accidently or it intentually penatrates your soul and makes you feel happy inside.
guy #1 dude did you just gayser that guy?

guy #2 Don't knock it til you try it
by manstapler July 28, 2008

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