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(n.) sometimes a sixth sense for people detecting a queer at least 10' away.
Oh shit my gayrays are all over the place!
by chicoblaco May 15, 2005
n. A beam executed by gays in the vicinity of a phone, PDA, computer, or other electronic device being used to chatter or gossip about said gays, whose execution results in the sudden electrical malfunction of the phone, PDA, computer, or other electronic device.

v. The act of executing the aforementioned ray.
Did you just send me a text? My phone just got gay-rayed, so I didn't get it. :(

FRIEND 1: This place is FULL of gays tonight! They're everywhere!
FRIEND 2: Well, you are at a Lady Gaga show.
FRIEND 1: One gay here, another gay there, GAYS EVER--
FRIEND 2: Hello?? Hello? (turns to other friend) I think his phone just got gay-rayed. Ha-ha.
by hhuerruuiiissse May 04, 2010
The waves emitted by a homosexual man. These waves have been known to alter sexual preference in cases of prolonged exposure to a source. They can also cause malignant growth, with higher frequency of cases in the testicles and colon. Gay Rays are the chief mechanism behind "gay-dar". Until recently, gay-dar was an unexplained phenomenon, denoted to being mainly intuition base. It is now known that gay-dar picks up on the waves emitted by homosexual men.
"Neil, I think you're slowly turning me gay."
"Yeah, it's the Gay Rays."
"Oh. Also I think I have cancer."
"I told you to buy that lead apron."
Gay Rays
by CoffeyHaus134 December 09, 2010
gayray and browneye have similar meaningthe anus, the poop shoot, the cornhole, the bung hole, the "hershey highway"
Your Asshole.
GayRay is the act of showing someone your unwiped or soiled anus; usually used as a taunt.
1. browneye
The eye that don't wink, it only stinks
"How about you let me put it in your gayray/browneye?"
I'd rather DryBone he/she gayray
Your bung hole .. Make sure you wash your gayray
I was doing a GayRay when her bowels exploded over my choad.
your anus
i put it right up his gayray last night when he was sleeping.what a fuss she made anybody would think id done something wrong
GayRay is the act of showing someone your unwiped or soiled anus; (common practice with Gays in Texas)
"Hey your gayray stinks"

by Robert Blooms AKA May 05, 2007
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