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Anyone who is of queer association that has fabulous fashion sense and general sense of awesomeness.
"Damn grrl, you be gayngsta witcho fly ass weave!"
by KimikoJaxx March 12, 2010
A gang member who likes to have sex with people of the same gender.
gayngsta1: "Damn, you one hella hot gayngsta. Yo cuz git yo mouf roun ma dick."

gayngsta2: "Yo cuz I ain gon suck you black ass dick, whyn't chu lick my jizz first you trick bitch?"

gayngsta3: "You callin my gaygnsta a bitch?" (Shoves gayngsta2.)

gayngsta2: "No I callin YOU my gayngsta bitch." (Pulls a pink Glock 9mm.) "How you like me now boyfriend?"

gayngsta3: "Aw now you done it." (Spreads his arms, laughs, hears answering laughter as his gayngsta homeys step out of the shadows.) "Now you fucked, yo stupid ass hella fucked."

gayngsta homeys: "Dildo fucked." "Sucked and fucked." "Rear entry penitentiary."

(A big gayngsta orgy begins.)
by heikediguoren September 22, 2006