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A gang member who likes to have sex with people of the same gender.
gayngsta1: "Damn, you one hella hot gayngsta. Yo cuz git yo mouf roun ma dick."

gayngsta2: "Yo cuz I ain gon suck you black ass dick, whyn't chu lick my jizz first you trick bitch?"

gayngsta3: "You callin my gaygnsta a bitch?" (Shoves gayngsta2.)

gayngsta2: "No I callin YOU my gayngsta bitch." (Pulls a pink Glock 9mm.) "How you like me now boyfriend?"

gayngsta3: "Aw now you done it." (Spreads his arms, laughs, hears answering laughter as his gayngsta homeys step out of the shadows.) "Now you fucked, yo stupid ass hella fucked."

gayngsta homeys: "Dildo fucked." "Sucked and fucked." "Rear entry penitentiary."

(A big gayngsta orgy begins.)
by heikediguoren September 22, 2006
Anyone who is of queer association that has fabulous fashion sense and general sense of awesomeness.
"Damn grrl, you be gayngsta witcho fly ass weave!"
by KimikoJaxx March 12, 2010
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