A gay cholo
Cholo: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Dude: Why?
Cholo: To suck dick
Dude: You're such a gaylo
by Ilovenarwhals July 05, 2015
What people that don't like the Halo series call Halo.
Halo Fan:Yes, finally Halo 3 is here.
Anti-Halo Guy:F**k Gay-lo 3 thats for n00bs.
by papa schmuk March 31, 2007
A male wedding planner
"A Japanese guy I know makes his living planning weddings. There is something creepy about him. My friend said he looked like he wanted to rape you with his eyes. He is a raving queer."

"Sounds like a right Gay-Lo"

"That's not all, there is something seriously wrong with the way he speaks, it sounds like he permanently has a mouthful of semen"

"the cum-guzzling bastard"
by Seattle Brain July 10, 2009
That special something you see in a closeted gay man that lets you know his "secret". The word is inspired Beyonce's "Halo".
"Mark is cute!" "Yes, but I can see his gaylo from a mile away."
by Sister Toldja December 31, 2009
The Internet TV Show about a group of survivors that land on a mysterious island.They must band together if they hav any hope in surviving. Made using the Halo 2 Engine

Created By PMD Producshizzle

P.S Better Than That Red Vs Blue Show
Gaylo Dialog

Halo001 : Hey wtf happened here
Dopey : We were in a plane crash
Halo001 : A Plane Crash ey? well why coodnt it hav been a car crash or sumfin?
Dopey : ok......was that a joke or are u that stoopid?
Halo001 : Hey im not the one whose name is Dopey
by Jonzo January 02, 2006
shortened form of gaylord.
Sean: brandon wants to be on your top 8
Me: fine..
Sean: brandon said 'oooooooooo i am pleased, very pleased'
Me: what a gaylo
by Matt Goldblatt December 11, 2007
A word made by gamers that displays a sign of small and insignificant genetalia.
Gears fan (aka, stupid): Dued, you're playing gaylo?

Halo fan (aka, awesomeness): Dued, you can't pleasure a woman?
by A_K June 11, 2008

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