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the new alternative word for lesbian. mainly used throughout the LA area, that has just recently come about as a backlash to the negative connotation the word, "lesbian" receives.
i am a gayelle who likes other gayelles.
by gayelle gaynsta February 17, 2008
A community television channel in Trinidad & Tobago.

A television station in Trinidad & Tobago - UHF Channel 23.
did you watch the news on Gayelle Tonight?
by newswatcher January 28, 2005
An arena used for the sport of cock-fighting in the Caribbean. Persons would congregate in the gayelle and gamble by placing bets on one of the two roosters engaged in the cock-fight. the winning animal is the one left alive at the end of the duel.
Are you guys going down to the gayelle tonight?
by triniTV January 27, 2005
An arena where stickfighting takes place in Trinidad in the Caribbean. Stickfighting is a martial art/dance perfomance practiced to the accompaniment of drumming and a call and response refrain known as a 'Calinda' in an arena/gayelle usually formed by a circle of onlookers.
The challenger confronted his opponent in the gayelle.
by Banyan May 19, 2007
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