A hairy and/or large gay man
All the gay bears love Nick Frost, he's their pin-up
by gortonandy February 06, 2014
Having characteristics that match that both of a bear and a homosexual.
"Have you seen matt recently"
"no last i saw, him and howard were having sex in a bear cave"
"what a gay bear"
by Sean Flinn December 22, 2008
A gay oriented porn video starring a large man.
Dude, I saw my dad in a Gay Bear video last night.
by Mike Oncley September 29, 2006
One who sends gay porn to unsuspecting friends via AIM.
Nalboner] is such a gaybear
by Jude January 25, 2006
Someone who is of upmost homosexuality and bitches and moans at the drop of a hat.
Man, David is being such a Gay-Bear today.
by Cam-Rock Jones III November 17, 2006

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