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A social faux pas in which you stroke the other party's palm with your index finger during a normal handshake. Can be seen as a sexual advance and it just feels really creepy. Go ahead, try it on someone.
The dignitaries at the UN were disgusted when Tom stealthily caressed the Japanese ambassador's hand with a gay handshake.
by Wingman, 1st Degree August 07, 2006
A handshake that gays use to recognize each other so they can agree what public toilet and/or glory hole or public they can to have gay sex in.
There are several stages of the gay handshake.
1. The other party or prospective recruit is approached by a gay using the " three finger lure", that is three fingers are held out as they start to shake hands.
2. The gay extends his middle finger toward the tender area of the prospects palm.
3. If there is no resistance, the gay begins to " tickle" the soft skin at the canter of the palm.
4. During the final downward motion of the shake it is seen who will insert or receive the index finger between the fingers of the other party, thus establishing who will play the " girl" and get the dick when they later meet in a public toilet and/or glory hole or public park ect. for sex.
Do you know the gay handshake?
by Judge dredd7 July 25, 2011
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