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Originating from the comedy show Brass Eye, 'as a window' is used to describe a characteristic in an individual that is obvious and others can see-through that person's best efforts to hide it.
"You described Steve as dangerously gay.", "Yes, he's totally gay. Steve is as gay as a window."
by Luke July 11, 2004
The epitomy of Gayness, no insult referring to a persons sexuality is as offensive as being told you are "Gay as a window"
Chris-"Shall I wear the purple sweater with the diamond pattern on it tonight?"
Karen-"Sure, if you want to look as Gay as a window"
Chris-"Yes I do"
by Chris VG May 06, 2007
To describe someone who is obviously gay i.e. marco from big brother
"Do you know Luke?"
"Luke? Oh yeah, he's as gay as a window isn't he?"
by steve July 06, 2004
A person who likes guys as much as a male window does.
Karen is gay as a window.
by Dr. Poophead May 26, 2006
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