A way of spelling goth often used to make fun of those who beleive that they are one. Used by people making fun of people who think they are goth.

Used to call one's self goth in a sarcastic manner in order to make fun of poseur goths.
Person making fun of gawth: look at me i am teh gawth i photoshopped a picture of myself in black eyeliner WOE IS ME MY LIF IS SO ANGST FILLED.
by Zi October 03, 2004
Top Definition
A teeny bopper goth;

One who wears black and buys into stereotypical teenage gothic subculture ;

media goth ;

hot topic, goth poseur

"omigawd liek im sooo gawth i cut myself"
by Zigg Crow September 07, 2004
someone who thinks they are goth, but they are really a bratty teen that shops at hot topic
lik omgz i got a karebare ristband 2dai! itz soooooo black and gawth! lyke totaly!!!!1 lololol
by Madcow8686 September 23, 2005
A gothic person focused in the southern region of the united states.
wow, that gawth chick looks so macabre!
by Mortis Ghoulie August 20, 2003

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