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When something is Gothic and Awesome, it is Gawsome. This term was created in the 5th episode of "Goth Lyfe", the internet flash series, along with other "gawsome" terms.
(Episode: Goth Lyfe 5: Goth Slang)
Scepter:What? There is a sale on leather and spikes?
That's Gawsome!
Mace: Yah, let's go to the Goth Store.
by Myk F December 07, 2006
Something which is absolutely GORY but executed in a very AWESOME manner.
<the bloody scene of the killer rabbit attacking the knight in Monty Python>
by Moo_moo May 10, 2009
the definition of something with a tinge of gayness but still mostly awesome
i.e. als' faux hawk dyed pink is gawesome
your pink faux hawk is so gawsome
by candy f. April 13, 2008