A gawk isn't looking at a damn girl. It's hitting a marching snare and the rim simultaneously, making a loud bang called a gawk. All the drummers out there know what it is.
I hit a gawk when I was walking by and broke j00 a$$.
by O-dawk yo yo yo ^_^ September 21, 2003
when a dude whips out his dick and hes like "HEY BAY-BEE" and you stare at it like youre going to rip it off and use it as a key chain
as soon as I started gawking at his penis he ran away
by Nargis August 08, 2003
any word in the english language.Just substitute gawk in for any word in a sentence
i gawked your mom last night

DUDE! i just gawked my girlfriend
by zackary fuller May 14, 2004

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