Go Fuck Off
by Anonymous February 21, 2003
Top Definition
n00bish for "goth" usually speaking in terms of satire or sarcasm. >.> also a person who doenst know how to spell correctly or wants to be utterly annoying. usually used on neopets on the EMS boards.
"OMGz11 Ur A gawf111 Ur soo Gawfic11"
by Zrcalo of EMS June 08, 2005
A Posh persons slang for "gone off".
Paige: Ew, look at this cheese!

Lucy: Oh My! The brie has gawf!
by thousandvoices November 20, 2009
A combination of god and awful. Mainly used as a shortcut for the phrase "god awful."
Person one: Oh look at those shoes!
Person two: They are just disgusting.
Person one: They are so gawf.
Person two: Totally.
by Moofins December 22, 2008

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