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A 1997 science fiction movie which was conveniently labeled as portraying a dystopian society by the egalitarian media. Less is farther from the truth as Gattaca is about the joys of genetic engineering and describes a welfaring America filled with intelligent, healthy, and beautiful people who had their genes meddled with.

The story is about Vincent whose parents didn't bother to have his genes improved and consequently pay the price for their stupidity since Vincent is unlikely to live past age 30 due to a bad heart. Though the media portrays the society of this movie as the ultimate evil, Vincent and his bad heart grow up with caring parents, receives good education, gets to build a miniature rocket being totally obsessed with space travel, and generally enjoys all the good things of life in the land of the free.

Upon finishing his education he applies for a job at Gattaca, which is comparable to modern day NASA. As common sense would predict they turn him down since his heart, even in the rare chance it keeps on tumping for another 60 years, is far from strong. Fortunately for Vincent, being an all natural born human, his criminal genes weren't stripped either and he comes up with a cunning plan to cheat his way into a space flight to Titan.

The movie also displays what seems to be homeless people. Not only does this brave new world favor genetic engineering, they reject the socialistic bollocks to give tax money to people who are too lazy to work!

Gattaca is an excellent movie that is worth watching regardless of your personal delusions.
To create an atmosphere of ubiquitous physical perfection, director Andrew Niccol cast fashion models to get the typical Gattaca look and feel.
by Mr. Dum July 24, 2006
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