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A friend you or another friend meets online or over XBOXLIVE and constantly text messages or IMs you. This person is a sketch ball and doesn't have many friends so they need to talk to you. This friend makes themselves sound a lot cooler than they really are to impress you. This friend also makes sex jokes and intends on raping you when you go to see them.
Cody: Dude Adam Sarah met a garyfriend through me.
Adam: Dude nice
Cody: Yah but he makes himself seem a lot cooler than he really is.
Adam: Sarah is such an idiot, I bet she's gana go and see this garyfriend.
Cody: Yah that sounds like Sarah.
Sarah: What the fuck you guys are just jealous because my garyfriend loves me.
Adam: He's gana rape you when you go to meet him.
Sarah: Yah whatever it'll be fun.
by SKKroxit35 February 24, 2009
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