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noun. an awesome homosexual or feminine male. Very sweet, and everyone loves them.
starbucks server: Hey guys. would you like the same thing?
friend: yes please. look at his blouse! he's so adorable.
me:what was his name?
megan: i don't know, but he looked like a gary.
by banana!!! March 30, 2009
28 51
A sex move that involves three people spooning where the person in the middle does all the work. The person in the middle is known as the "Gary". The "Gary" both gives and receives.
Three people having sex with each other while lying down facing the same direction. The only person that has to do any work is the person in the middle who is moving back and forth.
"I had sex with John and Mary last night, I was the Gary"
by MartoW July 10, 2008
183 206
The word to use when you are hit in dodgeball; especially the pop up form. Also, a concrete block found at 21 Acres in Woodinville.
"GARY! Next time I won't get hit."
by Natsters! April 30, 2008
12 35
An Oprah asshole that hasn't been stimulated in years. Pukes a lot.
My minge is only an inch and a half away from my gary.
by Joey Lodyga April 19, 2006
28 51
Slang for the drug cocaine. Based off the addiction of famous actor Gary Busey and his hyper personality.
Im feening for some gary.

I need an 8-ball of gary.
by tylertreason June 26, 2007
34 58
another word for a person of asian descent....a way to identify them to friends without shouting racial slurs
Chinatown is full of garys
by mark55 September 03, 2007
27 52
noun: sperm, cum, semen.

Originated from the term spongebob (not the Spongebob on T.V.)
I got gary all over!
by Doug_AK February 13, 2008
25 51