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An employee that takes arse kissing the boss to the next level. It involves the Manager squatting over the mouth of an employee and the employee gargling the superiors’ haemorrhoids. This is done within a workplace setting to create favour with the person in charge.
"My God! Every time it come to overtime she becomes such a gargler!"

John used to be an arse kisser, but since the promotion was announced he is a gargler.

Jill never stands up for her own beliefs at work; she is a gargler and does whatever she is told.

An extreme case of arse kissing.
by Aidan & Sylvia May 07, 2006
Short for "cum gargler;" a derogatory term for women who are sexually inexclusive.
"I've changed! I want you back!"
"Whatever, you gargler."
by the letter d August 05, 2007
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