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some one of an amzing origin. often people who are smart, very good at sports, have very good looks, and are simply the best at everything they do. can be referred to as a beast. probably one of the best athletes youll ever meet. good on and off the field. every one loves them, envied by every one.
look at maria on the field. gosh shes such a.. gargiulo
#beast #amazing #athlete #ahhhmazingg #maria
by laxsoccerswim17 April 12, 2010
to cook and feed friend(s) delicious pizza, get them drunk, and invite them to tag team some drunk skank. italian hospitality at it's best.
Im more likely to gargiulo in Mexico than in Newfoundland.
#gargamel #pizza #pussy #cosby sweater #santa claus #daterape
by frostymage May 04, 2011
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