abbr. "Garfinkles"

Used to express dissatisfaction, disgust or annoyance.

Originated in Whistler, Canada
That chick was so garf
by CaroN May 03, 2005
an exciting verb meaning to defecate, poop, crap, or evacuate the bowels. it is commonly used in informal situations, such as hangin with the bros. scientifically, it is the proper use of one's garfer.
Alex: Where can I take a dump around here?

Matthew: I garfed back at the cabin. You should take one of the golf-carts there before you ruin that nice swimsuit.
by MattD99999 September 27, 2011
A word when are exited, in shock, or happy.
Omg garf ;D i can believe this is happening! garrrrrf
by ilikeyourpants April 29, 2011
a jerk, mean person, non-listener, downer, person who abandons, boat rider, gambler,weak individual, casino lover, has no abs
He's such a Garf!
by Laquiesha1120 February 14, 2011
It is the male version of a queef. it is a dick fart. if you have it you're probably retarded or incredibly gay.
The queer kid at camp garfed in the locker room.
by garfallday123 November 20, 2010
to gag and barf at the same time.

Other Contexts:
Garfed, Garfing

(See also. shart for a similar experience.)
I saw a fat lady wearing a bikini at the beach and it made me garf.
by Paul Paon November 02, 2006
Pigging out on food, when you think you are pregnant.
You've been garfing all day!
by Jeni February 18, 2005

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