a person who sniffs your bicycle seat when you play outside.
girl 1: So, I heard you played outside with Sam yesterday.
girl 2: yeah...
girl 1: How'd it go?
girl 2: I thought he was a nice guy, until he sniffed my bicycle seat...
girl 1: AGH, what a GARF!!!
by fish-on-a-pole July 21, 2011
A particularly gay scarf.
I'm not a big fan of scarfs, but damn, that is a fucking garf.
by GarfHater December 21, 2009
a verb: to garf- when you have a REALLY bad episode of "catting" (aka calling, texting, esp when they dont respond)
derived from garfield- a whiny cat that wont leave you alone once you pay attention to it
"I'm garfing real bad right now"
"I just garfed."
by Gator Nation October 05, 2008
Pigging out on food, when you think you are pregnant.
You've been garfing all day!
by Jeni February 18, 2005
A guy who works with clams.
A fish market is not complete without a "Garf".
by desantism July 25, 2004
garf. he is rad
garf is rad
by garf January 24, 2004

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