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garch ghahrch - v. 1. To tack something on to the end of a speech in order to make it seem better.

2. To staple something to one's face, usually tuna. 

Coined by wheezywaiter, defined by nerothewizard
1 "His horrible wedding toast only became worse when he garched some quip about finding five dollars."

2 "I garched a whole can of chunk light, and minutes later I was surrounded by angry cats."
by Frudly May 19, 2010
Describes the perineum, or muscle and tissue between the sex organ and the anus. Also known as the taint.
"The dog is snargling her "garch" ,again"
by Hesty Heffew May 14, 2006
A word my friend Chaelon made up. It is somewhat self-descriptive I think. It means "bad", "ugly", "unpleasant", "gross"

If describing someones hair, the conjugation is "lanch"
"Damn, that dudes acne was really garch!"

"This 3 day old pizza is getting really garch"

"I forgot to comb my hair today and it is looking rather lanch"
by BEB July 02, 2004
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