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a very cute person who is sometimes being mean. a nickname for garrett.
i've never met a garbear like u.
by yum February 22, 2005
One who is charming, originally from the messageboards, and later migrating to the Accounting profession. The Garbear is helplessly adorable, believes chivalry is still alive, and posesses an unmatched ability to make a lady smile.

Also: a bastard who is too far in love with his ex girlfriend to give someone else a chance. Pathetic, whiney, passive aggressive.
The smile on her face was bright to the point where it only could have been a result of an act of a garbear.
by Kenzie Matthews January 24, 2005
a boy who thinks he is good at everything, and believes he will someday play for the ohio state buckeyes football team. He also has a very hairy rearend, and is a part of the peeb task force
garbear is so ignorant, he thinks he can beat anyone in fifa.
by Rob Mueller November 14, 2006
Nickname for a hot girl who watches ice hockey and is generally awesome - especially when she is judgy
Look at this garbear hogging all the bread sticks.
by mcgarnicle July 15, 2011
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