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Referring to garbage while pretending to be Italian.

"Hey, those are tasty meatballs!"
by Neddy September 25, 2006
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n: The title of any person place or thing that is sub-par, AKA their Shit is weak.
When attempting to win in NCAA Option Attack with a slow-ass white QB and your opponent starts talking shit you may rebut, "Bro what the fuck do you expect me to do with fucking Garbagio at Quarterback!"
by T. Bone April 02, 2007
Italian word meaning: The act of titty fucking.
M: Dude what'd you do with that girl last night?

J: Come on man! You already know. Garbagio'd that bitch.

I've been waiting to garbagio your grandma for years, Billy!
by Ivana Gizzinyou September 11, 2014

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