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One whose face resembles that of garbage. This includes the odor.
Shmen: "Soggs, whats that smell man? It smells like garbage."

Soggs: "Totally broski, I know you aren't a garbage face so it can't be you."

Shmen: "I would expect this kinda smell from that garbage face Andy."
by shmenny November 18, 2008
1.a girl that is very unnatractive
2.girl with a rocking body but her face...not so much
1. damn britney is such a garbage-face
2. look at that ass, o wait she got a garbage-face
by $D-Moore$ April 03, 2009
The face one experiences when they've realized they've paid $29.99 for a harry potter book that they will never read.
Lisa expressed a garbage face once she opened the front cover of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
by Paul Russ August 01, 2005
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