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1.a girl that is very unnatractive
2.girl with a rocking body but her face...not so much
1. damn britney is such a garbage-face
2. look at that ass, o wait she got a garbage-face
by $D-Moore$ April 03, 2009
1.when somthing is bootleg.
2.also used when somthing is unproffessional.
1.man i got that boomtoom version of the darkknight.
2.his work is soo boomtoom.
by $D-Moore$ June 26, 2008
1.a person who is not yet a whore but refuses to cooperate with the situation.
2.also a atractive woman.
3.someone who has the ability to shrink you into a doll.
4.not yet a jew, but still someone borat is afraid of.
5.also girls with the name siearra
1.look gypsey i gave you your money now do your job
2.man check out that gypsey on lane 3.
3.No gypsey dont put my with the others in the dollhouse.
4.shes a gypsey RUN!
5.that girl from winfield is such a gypsey
by $D-Moore$ June 26, 2008

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