It is describe as clothes or fancy dressing.

" I really love your garb."

" That garb is really fancy"
" I really love your garb."

" That garb is really fancy"
by shabaladingdon December 03, 2013
To dress.
A specific type of dress (see also gear).
It's cold outside; I think I'll wear my heavy garb today. OR I think I'll garb my heavy clothes.
by dave June 24, 2004
When something is garbage; to describe someone or something that sucks.
Wow you missed again? You're garb as ****.
It closes at 9? Wow that is so garb.
by SlipperySlope August 09, 2009
A really ugly gobby outfit.
Look at that garb she's wearing. Probably got it at Goodwill.
by wonton28 July 11, 2011
Renaissance festival usage: clothing or a costume.
Fuck, where did I put my garb last night.
Nice garb.
Oh, you have some horse shit on your garb.
by pie May 10, 2004
You know that guy Dylan Wells? He's garb.
by some guy12 December 22, 2008
to take, stealing of an object or borrowing
yo i just garbed your lighter,
i garbed a bar out of the store
by lowry March 06, 2005

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