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A girl who gives you tingles when she touches you, and can make you do anything for her.
A girl who cant look butterz, no matter what shes wearin, wether she has makeup on, or what time if day/night it is.
Robyn Lauren Morris, i love her dearly. she is my garage girl
by NathanLovesRobyn February 03, 2008
A young lady (generally 18-30), who goes out with her mates sporting bleached blonde hair, copious amounts of fake tan and a short skirt. Typically, these girls will be 'easy', educated to AS level standard, and most crucially, enjoy dancing to garage/speed garage/RnB, whilst singing the lyrics that they're aware of after consuming 10 bottles of Smirnoff Ice. Essex is the Mecca for these types, although examples are found commonly in the nightspots of West London, along with most major cities in the UK. Older specimens are highly rare, and tend to have progressed by this stage from 'garage girl' to 'tart'.
Lad 1: Fancy goin' Ministry? I heard it's a school disco night tonight.

Lad 2: Definitely, should be choc a block with garage girls.

"Your bag/shoes/belt/make-up is proper garage"
by VitoC August 03, 2010
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