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sum1 who eats a lot, is greedy or jus a fat pig!
omg look how much u ate rach u ganit
by luce April 05, 2005
A Ganit is an awesome curly haired girl who enjoys people watching and random immature activities. A Ganit likes to chat with people to learn more about how different people can be, and yet appreciates them for it. Makes an excellent friend that will try to be there for you and not only always listens but usually has something insightful to reply with. Definitely loyal, very attractive yet usually still committed to the first guy she fell in love with a Ganit is a keeper. Ganits are dangerously intelligent, never try to battle one in wit.
1) damn I wanna get that girls number..
2) forget it man, that girl's a Ganit, but see if she wants to hang out with us.
by yourespecialalot February 05, 2010
A native creature with a very small head. Usually found in the forest. Hunting for animals for food.
Deer 1 : Oh someone shot me

Deer 2 : It must be a ganit. Run!!
by Heppel May 30, 2011

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