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Female rapper from 3 6 Mafia
you should fuck wit gangsta boo she be turnin niggas out watch how quick I turn you into a smoked out loked out freaky mothafucka on that ex'd out passed out while I put another on the blow

Lil Jon ft Gangsta Boo - Da Blow
by Krisztian May 12, 2006
Any female who sleeps with alot of violent drug dealers, hardcore criminals or gang members and feels like they can get anyone murdered or beat up because of her connections connections with them.
She's a gangsta-boo so she feels like she runs the whole block.
by Open November 23, 2014
Similar to a weeaboo, it is when someone believes they are black. Also known as a Wangsta.
That girl in her babyphat needs to stop being such a gangstaboo!
by flyingspaghettimonsterism September 28, 2009
a crack fiend nigger suck sucking cum guzzling monkey loving nigger
Jesus christmas kyle linebergre sure does resemble that shawdy from 36 mafia they call gangsta boo.
by whitey420 May 12, 2006
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