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Gang + ster
A person who is a GANG MEMBER is a gangsta. Being poor, sagging your pants, or looking tough do not make you a gangsta. A gangsta is a gang member...this should be obvious.
Tygrone claimed to be a gangsta because he sagged his pants and glared at white people.
by skrudge December 29, 2007
a gangsta is a faggot who thinks the only way to have a life is to do drugs and keep saying he shot people who he is actually scared of,they adress each other in informal slang that makes them all look uneducated (99% of all gangsta's are uneducated and think its cool to drop out of school).they think there are cool but they are stupid faggots dont be a gangsta. they were fake gold (they call it "bling")claiming it cost alot even though they dont have jobs and probably stole it off chav who is bassically the same thing but is british.
"hey look at that faggot gangsta"
by broad_man January 31, 2006
A gangsta is a person who lives their life to the lowest extent and with the lowest effort possible. Instead of conforming to the 'trade', by working for money, and spending that money, they decide to become leeches, and steal money and goods. Gangstas also partake in the illegal drug trade in an attempt to survive.

The very society that gangstas hate and despise, are actually their providers. If there is nothing to leech off of, they will quickly die out, primarily by killing each other.

Gangstas believe they are tough because they are violent, and can sometimes take a beating. But little do they realize, that the tough people in society are the ones who understand what needs to be done. Society wasn't built by half-wit hot heads.
Signs of gangstas.
1: Loves Rap music
2: Is violent, and extremely short-tempered
3: Has horrible marksmanship
4: Wears baggy clothing, usually exposing their underwear.
5: Very ignorant
6: Usually lives in a bad neighborhood.
7: Speaks Ebonics's fluently.
8: Loves to talk about crime, sex, drugs and alcohol.
9: Uses the word "nigga" in atleast 2 out of 3 sentences,
10: Is obsessed with using the question"You know what I'm sayin'?" at the end of every sentence.
11: Probably has 5 or more children with atleast 3 different mothers, all which he refuses to pay child support for.
by YourReallyReallName September 08, 2009
GANGSTA: Somebody who was born and raised in a really violent environment (like New York or Los Angeles) and I had basically nothing in their life. They either have only one parent around, who is more-likely and crackhead or an alcoholic and is abusive to the child, or who grew up with their grandparents. Some gangstas probably don't even have a home. The only places they consider home is probably an alley somewhere on the streets or jail. They never attended school and if they did, they probably dropped out due to bad grades, or probably got kicked out for fighting all the time or bringing guns and drugs to school. They never had more than 10 dollars in their pocket and the only way for them to survive and live longer is to selling drugs and possibly kill people. They never had a decent girl in their life. The only kind of girls gangstas get are sluts or hos (girls who always cheat and kiss or have sex with 2 or more different boys a day). The only way for a gangsta to get respect or become a big figure on the streets is to either fight almost every day or kill people. They ALWAYS HAVE to walk around with a gun clipped to their hip or a blade or knife in their pocket to protect themselves because they can't trust their so-called "homies" or "friends" they chill with. Kids who grew up to the projects have seen nothing but violence in their life (fightings and shootings) and that is what makes them gangstas today. So if there is a kid who has seen nothing but violence in their life, there is a 98% chance that they will grow up to become violent (always fighting, shooting people, stabbing people, raping girls, destroying cars with rocks and bats, and even killing people). Gangstas never had a decent job in their life. They only sell drugs or pimp girls, who wear shirts that are so short that you can see their belly and who wear tight-ass pants and short-ass skirts. Most gangstas have a BIG criminal record for doing stuff like assaults and thefts. That's why the police are the most-hated people in the hood. Gangstas sees snitches as "bitches" or "pussies"". So if someone snitches on a gangsta, that gangsta will either call his "homies" from prison and tell them to find and kill the snitch, or will just wait until he gets out of prison to kill the snitch himself.

Basically, all I am saying is that gangstas are NOT people who you want to look up to or try to be in your life. Gangstas can't help the way they act or what they do because it's the way they grew up. Half of the people who talk about being "hood" and "G'd up" don't know a thing about what REALLY goes on in the hood. They won't be able to survive the ghetto. Most of the people who talk like they're ghetto are probably even too scared to put up a fight in the streets or do any activities that are gang-related, including stealing, breaking into cars, or killing. But gangstas in the "hood" aren't scared to because it's the way they grew up, they're used to doing crazy stuff like that. Let's take 50 Cent as an example. This person grew up in a very rough neighborhood where there is nothing but crime and gang activity. He's been in fights before, he sold drugs, he's been to jail, and he's been shot. That's the kind of stuff that goes on in the "hood". People even say that he's lucky, considering the fact that he was VERY close to either being killed or doing life behind bars. Even though he's rich and he has beautiful girls all over him and shiny cars and stuff like that doesn't mean you want to be just like him. I mean, look back to his life and see what he had to go through to make it to the position that he is in today. The point that I am trying to get across is that being a gangsta is not cool and definetely not fun. There is nothing good about it. At all.
"If you take a look at my eyes/You'll see I'll be a gangsta 'til I die."-The Game, 50 Cent "Westside Story"
by Cory N. July 18, 2007
A retard who thinks he's tough. They tend to wear baggy pants that make them look like they shut themselves and t-shirts so long that they double as nightgowns. They tend to try and carry weapons because they can't fight and are also incredible pussies when they are alone. When fighting, they always make sure that they're other gangstas present so they don't get their asses completely handed to them. when alone, they try and walk like they're tough, but when approached, will deny any gang affiliation. They try and act tough, but everyone knows they are just the ghetto version of emo.
guy 1: Nigga, do you know where I am from?! The hood homie! yeah yeah what now?!
Guy 2: (throws a punch) Being from "da hood" doesn't make you any less of a pussy bitch that are.
guy 1: I have learned the error of my ways! I now see acting gangsta is completely retarded!
by El Douche bag-o April 15, 2010
1) the black guy who gets in a fight and then ends up shooting a white dude.
2) the guy whos in a gang is referred as a gangster.
3) the culture in which everyone is dumb as shit, carry around guns they cant aim with, and where their pants down to their knees.
4) the thugs of the world
1) Anchor: Tonight in KC/MO several shots were fired in a gang fight. one man was killed.
Audience: That guy is soo gangsta/

2) Yo gangsta we hit the club tonight.

3) Oh man look at that gansta. He is snazzed up in those jeans.

4) Damn gangstas, robbin our convinient store again.
by rednblue13 June 15, 2008
Ignorance, generally relating to the crap... sorry "rap" culture. If something or someone is authentically gangster (note the "er") then they are related to that of a mobster.The difference is, Gangsters can usually read.
"Gee, Tom, Why'd you kill that kid that hangs out down town", "Simple mom, he was pretending to be a Gangsta "
by lildrummerboy8561 June 14, 2007