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1. Gandalf the grey/white..The powerful Wizard from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. Uses wisdom more than magic.

1. Any soft furry cuddly wrinkly man you just want to hold in your arms and run your fingers through the hairs on his chin because his beard is so long and (sometimes) white. Elderly medieval Vikings, Noah in the movie Evan Almighty, the fat man over by the well on the first playable level in Dragon Quest VII for Sony Playstation 2, Moses, an age-morphed Jesus, and of course...Sikhs.
1. I'm glad no Balrog was camping over Gandalf's respawn point in The Two Towers.

2. Did you see that 4 foot tall Sikh? He's such a Gandalf! I just want to pick him up and stroke his beard hairs.
by Braveheart's thirst for blood April 24, 2007
15 17
One of the Istari (Wizards). A member of The Fellowship of the Ring. Gandalf, "Elf of the Wand".
Olori, Mithrandir, Incanus, Tharkun, Greyhame.
by Larstait November 20, 2003
492 79
santa on crack
you shall not pass!
by lewis June 14, 2004
463 148
The greatest wizard in the world (Middle-earth) he's so cute and adorable! Everybody should have a gandalf in their life! Someone they can talk to, someone who can always offer you advice, someone with magical powers to save u from all the baddies in the world, someone who you know will always give you a hug at the end of the day!
He's like the perfect grandad that everybody wants!
Gandalf rocks!
by surfergirl April 27, 2004
322 186
The coolest character in the Lord of the Rings
Frodo: Hey, Gandalf, how do I get rid of this god damn ring?
Gandalf: My friend, you have to touch yourself at night without wearing the ring.
by God July 21, 2003
247 110
All of the above.
Gandalf is the Mac Daddy of Middle Earth!
by Jeff Chislett June 02, 2004
165 75
Someone who is standing in the way, preventing you from passing through a narrow area.
OK Gandalf, let's get moving here buddy.
by thricegreatart May 23, 2010
102 16
one of the many Hobbit themed cocktails available at the pub of the same name, in Southampton. Contains vodka, archers, blue WKD and lemonade. Very refreshing. £3 for a pint. I love them far too much.
"Mine's a Gandalf, please"
by Jez March 07, 2005
103 44