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When a piece of smoking hot gammon has a nice rack and rear, but not a face to match. The only way you would give her one, would be if you put a paper bag on her head so that you enjoy the benefits of her body, but you can imagine she is someone else. Hence; she is a Paper Bag Shag.
"That Sarah Jessica Parker, would ya?"
"Only if she had a paper bag on her head"
"too right, she is definitely a paper bag shag"
by ninepintsofmilk May 06, 2010
You're with the lads, a smoking hot piece of prime gammon walks past. Instead of asking your friend "would you have sex with that woman if the opportunity presented itself?", you simply ask; "would ya?"
*woman walks past*
"'Ey, Steve! Would ya?"
"Too right, she's asking for it!"
by ninepintsofmilk May 06, 2010
Term for female, indirectly refers to vagina also.
Could also be shortened to gam-gam, or simply gam. Can be described in many ways; such as "prime gammon", "moist gammon", "stale gammon" etc.
Could be used for when talking about females in general.
Being "on the pull" could also be described as "on the prowl for some gammon"
"Mate, did you get any gammon last night?"
"Yeah, but it was stale. Bad times"

"Shiiiiiiit! check out that prime gammon!"
"too right! I'm erect!"

"I haven't gotten my dick wet in ages, I fancy a bit of gam-gam on the go."
"Get out of my house"

"Any gammon coming to this party?"
"Nah mate, it's just a sausage-fest"
by ninepintsofmilk May 06, 2010
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