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To have one's penis sucked by a person with no teeth.
An old woman gamming a younger guy. She would be referred to as a 'Gammer'
by Mike Pants September 20, 2006
The temporary marks left on your skin by say a watch or a bra once removed. This usage is mainly in the Black Country area of Britain.
I got some propper gamming on my wrist, i took my watch off an hour ago and you can still see it.
by King Simmo November 14, 2013
when a lady friend of yours is riually unclean (dropping her yolk/on teh blob..etc.), the act of ingesting the contents of her vaginal cavity (using a spoon / straw / or plain normal suction)
i do enjoy gamming your mother when it's that time of the month
by wrench86 June 26, 2009