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Gamingforce sometimes called GFF is a place for assholes. The place doesn't live up to its name. It's a forum that should be dedicated to videogaming and instead it's full of pricks like denicalis fat ugly faggot that spams all the time.

Bobo was ugly and stupid and not it's because they're a bunch of idiots.
"I'm a gamingforce moderator and I have no life, I'm just here to get reputation so I can fuck sassafras's fat ass."
by Quynh Nhu Hoan Pham January 04, 2008
1. a community for bigots and asshats contributing to arguments and discussions of insults and nitpicking, counter to their claim of logic or intelligence.

2. a specific place of suck.
So I joined a new forum.
Oh, how is it?
Turns out, its basically just a lesser known gamingforce.
That sucks.
by jeffland June 17, 2008
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